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3/4 tights with full protection

Color - Black
Size chart

The most advanced protective tights by Gamepatch. Designed with the most competitive athletes in mind who need full protection so they can compete at their best. These tights are equipped with protection for:

  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Knees

Shock Absorbing: Absorbs impact 20% more effectively & instantly takes back its form after impact.

Adjusting to Body: Featuring an innovative Body Adjust Technology - when worn, paddings quickly react to your body temperature to create a softer, more custom fit.

Thin & Light: Forget about bulkiness - extremely thin yet highly effective protective padding allows you to experience high level of comfort.

Durability: Innovative design combined with resilient protection & high-quality compression fabric provides durability like no other.

Premium Quality: Gamepatch products are handcrafted in Europe and conform to the highest quality standards.

**Please note that the padding is not fully abrasion resistant, therefore, it can burn from slides on the floor which can leave visual defects.**

How does the BAT technology work?

The highest functionality of the padding is achieved at 36.6° - 37°C (97.7° - 98.6° F). Once you warm up and your body reaches the optimal temperature the BAT technology activates. The padding gets softer and takes its form around the body making it incredibly comfortable.
See last product photo for size chart.

Size chart

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Body Adjust Technology

Features BAT technology protective paddings that adjust to your body once it reacts to the body heat.

Premium quality

Our products conform to the highest standards of quality with durable stitching and comfortable compression fabric.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Best Protection - my Handball Players Are very happy

Camilla Wulff-Rieck
in top

very good service - good product

Lacrosse Goalie
Lacrosse Goalie

Using pads as a Lacrosse goalie. Disappointed that there was not a pocket in crotch area for a cup protector. I had bought the shorts before and they had the pocket. Otherwise satisfied with pads.

Damon E Humphrey
A great buy for what I use them for

So I have been following this company for several years now and finally I dropped the hammer on the 3/4 protection. I use these specially for work at the airport, not for basketball, although I have worn them to the gym, to see how they perform on the court, and they do perform well, they aren't heavy on the body. I will definitely use them when playing pickup basketball all the time, because that is what they are made for really. Now going back to the airport, I am a baggage handler so when I have to maneuver bags to the carousel, the extra padding helps me move fast and I don't feel the rough surfaces or sharp surfaces anymore. My knees and thighs would be beat up from the amount of banging up against the carousel or parts of many various types of items I have to put on the carousel outside of luggage. I can definitely throw bags and lean on the carousel railings without any irritation to my kneecaps, or anywhere on my lower body. They definitely help with overall protection, and they do mold to the knees and thighs. Well worth the purchase.

Nik Harinski

The best tights for sport

Mai M.

very high quality, I feel comfortable and safe in them, really commendable.


#44 in red is wearing the white game patch tights. They are excellent and they don't restrict movent, as shown as #44 Amir Danforth gets his first in game dunk wearing the game patch padded tights.

joseph D.

#44 in red is wearing the white game patch tights. They are excellent and they don't restrict movent, as shown as #44 Amir Danforth gets his first in game dunk wearing the game patch padded tights.

Nelson E.

I think that the product is quite good overall. When I first put them on, the knee pads felt a bit stiff, but once I got warmed up along with the tights, the knee pads moulded nicely to my knees.
It is definitely on the expensive side when it comes to sports tights/skins but it does seem to be good quality in my opinion.

I do have a couple of suggestions for any future versions of this;
- Include a draw string around the waist to keep the tights from slipping down.
- include a pad for the tail bone.

The tights did end up slipping down off of my bum during a basketball game. This could've been avoided if there was a draw string to keep the tights from slipping down. I know that other skins/ tights have draw strings to act like a belt of sorts, and they're simple but work well. On the other hand it is also possible that I needed the next size down, even though I picked the medium size based on the size guide on the website

Also It would've been nice if there was a pad for the tail bone too, as this area of the body is prone to hard contact when falling to the floor in a basketball game.

Ian D.

These are great leggings. I was concerned about their weight, but they feel really light while on, and the padding is low profile and unobtrusive. The design of the pads themselves help conform to your body, and i rarely (if ever) had to pull them up a little. Overall, I think these are one of the best designed tights for basketball. The sizing runs very similar to Under Armour leggings, possibly 5-10% taller. My biggest complaint at this time (hence the 4 star) is that they run very very warm. When I take these off, I notice a substantial amount of sweat built up in them. This is actually quite fine for keeping me warm during play, but it would be nice if the breathability was increased slightly :) Overall - very satisfied.