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Protective sportswear - why should you use it?

Protective sportswear - why should you use it?

Protective sportswear - why should you use it?

There are several reasons to use protective sportswear. Whether you’re recovering from an injury in the past, looking to increase your confidence on the court, or just trying to stay healthy is just a few of them. In this blog we will look at the numbers behind most common basketball injuries, what are the main advantages of using protective sportswear and why you should consider using it.


There are more than 1.6 million basketball injuries in a year. On average at least 22% from all basketball players sustain an injury at least once in a season. That means, every fourth professional basketball player gets injured and is forced to sit out at least once a in a season.

Most of the injuries (76.6%) are a result of a collision with another player and 3% of those injuries require medical surgery. In amateur basketball the statistics are even worse.

The majority of injuries could be easily avoided if:

  • Athletes would be in better physical condition
  • Athletes would use appropriate protective gear

Let's dive deeper and cover the latter option that could be done by anyone no matter the level of competition.


In basketball there’s two types of injuries: 

  1. Internal or ligament injuries which are usually sustained as a result of a physical overload
  2. External injuries which are usually sustained after a collision with another player

Knee injuries are the most common in basketball simply because knees are the first ones to touch the floor after a collision. Physiotherapists recommend to use knee pads preventatively, especially if you have sensitive knees, or have had knee injury in the past. Not only they provide shock absorption but also compression and muscle support. In addition, protective gear makes you feel safe on the court and boost confidence as a result. 


In most cases, the reason why athletes start to use protective gear is after they have had an injury. This is not the right way because in most cases the injury could be avoided in the first place if a protective gear would be used.

It's important to consider your play style and position before making your purchase. 

For example, players that don’t fear of jumping for the ball will need knee pads. Those who most often find themselves in a 1v1 situation and often drive to the basket should consider protection for thighs and hips. Centre players spend most of their time in the post under the basket require additional protection on the ribs.